"It will be like having a nursery at home!"

Care and learning

Focused on children from 0 to 3 years old.
We focus on the essential care of your baby according to each child age and schedule, selecting Nannies specialized in this service, who have great experience in the care and development of children from birth.
  • Essential daily care
  • Sleep advice
  • Advice on food habits
  • Stimulation in a child's first years of life and development according to their evolutionary stage
  • Native and bilingual nannies in different languages
  • Daily routines oriented towards learning through different methods
  • Entertainment using The Mouse educational games
It will be just like having a nursery at home!

Waldorf Method

"The greatest benefit for your children is that they will come to have strength and criteria in life to guide themselves with autonomy and solidarity”


Focused on children from 3 years old.
Montessori, Waldorf or Positive Discipline are some of the specialities with which our professionals work.
  • Private lessons for school support
  • Native and bilingual nannies in different languages
  • Daily routines oriented towards learning through different methods
  • Essential care and entertainment using The Mouse educational games
We want to be your partners in the education and development of your children at home!

La ratona

"We ensure unique moments full of fun and creativity for little ones"

Event Animation

Focused on groups: Events (birthdays, communions, baptisms, etc.) and Holiday Periods.
We entertain and care for the little ones of the family during celebrations, birthdays, communions, friends' get-toguethers and any other special occasion where the grown-ups want to enjoy themselves while their children are properly cared for and have a great time too. Our professionals become children's entertainers who follow a philosophy based on respect and creativity.

In addition, we offer a care and entertainment service for groups during vacation periods (Easter, White Week, summer, etc.)
  • Painting and craft workshops
  • Storytelling workshop
  • Dance classes
  • Yoga classes for children
  • Entertainment based on play and creativity
  • Yincanas
  • Treasure hunt
La Ratona ensures unique moments full of fun and creativity for little ones!

Join la ratona club

And enjoy all the advantages of contracting us.

What is la ratona Club?

La Ratona Club is made up of all our families! Once you have tried our service you will have to join the Club and you will be able to benefit from many advantages, surprises and offers.
1. Search for professionals and solutions.
  • We search and find a perfect nanny for your family whenever you need one. If it is necessary to make any changes or solve any problems that may arise during the service, La Ratona will take care of this.
2. Preference for booking your trusted Nanny.
  • Whenever you need it, you can contact us to request the service of your usual nanny. Our nannies are part of the La Ratona team and will always be available to attend our families.
3. Events and workshops at no extra cost.
  • By hiring one of our nannies to entertain your little ones at any event, La Ratona provides all the material at no extra cost.
We want to give you the opportunity to try our services at no additional cost, that is why the first day you will not have to pay the registration fee. From this moment there is a fee of only 50€ + VAT*.

You are already part of La Ratona Club and you can benefit from all its advantages!

* The fee shall be paid only once.

Forms of contracting

How to contract our services?

At La Ratona we offer our clients two different forms of contracting with the aim of adapting to the particular needs of each person:
1. Premium service
La Ratona makes the selection of the Nanny and is in charge of everything that leads to the hiring of the Nanny; registration of Social Security, vacations, possible cancellations, etc. If the Nanny cannot go at any given time, as long as we have availability, another nanny will be selected at no extra cost.

In addition, La Ratona will provide the uniform and all the necessary materials for the different activities carried out by the nanny at home, if the Nanny is not to the family's liking, we will also proceed to select a new one at no additional cost.
2. Basic or agency service (Hiring from 30 hours per week)
La Ratona creates a selection process and facilitates the perfect profile for the family with all the characteristics that we always offer.

Once confirmed, the family is in charge of registering her and managing all the contracting with the Nanny and with everything that entails (social security, vacations, sick leave, etc.); the family pays the nanny directly the fee previously agreed upon with her.The average search and selection of the profile is 2 weeks.
  • In the event that the profile is not to your liking, up to two replacements will be sought in the first month. If the Nanny decides to stop working with the family, a new profile will be selected at no extra cost.
From Monday to Sunday every day of the year
  • Hourly contract
  • Weekly contracts
  • Monthly contracts
Care and learning service in different languages (From 15,50 euros/hour + VAT)
(*After the first service a fee of 50€ + VAT is required to join to La Ratona Club)
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