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Learning through play.
Learning through play and encouraging autonomy are fundamental values at La Ratona.
custon services.
We offer custom solutions for the care and education of children.

La ratona

Welcome to La Ratona, specialists in the upbringing, education and care of children. At any time of the day or night, we are available to take care of your smallest family members with love, dedication and respect.

At La Ratona we believe in positive education, learning through play, understanding and tolerance. Our nannies are our best proof of our identity: highly trained and qualified professionals BabySitter, united by the values of La Ratona.


In addition to training and experience, at La Ratona we base the care we offer our families on empathy, vocation, patience and familiarity, essential qualities that we take into account when selecting our Nannies and s.

We also have specialized professionals in child psychology, pedagogy, speech therapy, early care and knowledge of different languages.


Care and Learning

From 0 to 3 years

Essential care, stimulation through play and development according to each child's age are the bases of this service. Children from 0 to 3 years old.
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Education and Development

From 3 years

Support in school tasks, specific therapies, daily routines degisn to facilitate learning through different methods.
Children from 3 years old.
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Event Animation

We entertain and care for the children of our clients on special occasions.
Groups, celebrations.
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How we work

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1. Consultation and registration

Tell us what you need in only a few minutes!  


You can contact us through our contact form or by calling us and explaining how we can help you.

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2. Study & Selection

We carry out an exhaustive study and selection process among all our nannies and baby sitting, adapting any service to your needs.


Once a service is established and you agree with the selected rate, we will send you the CV and references of the nanny we have chosen especially for you , as well as a video in which she explains her skills and references.

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3. Incorporation

On the day and time you have chosen, our professional nanny will be at your home to provide there services.


Following a strict protocol, our nanny will start working with your ratones!
-Registered in the Social Security

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4. Guarantee           

At La Ratona we guarantee the best service for the care of the little ones from the home.


-Substitution of the nanny in case of dissatisfaction
-Continuous communication with the company
-Custom service

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Exclusive educational material

We provide all our nannies and educators with educational material based on stimulation and play. This is one of the tools of La Ratona.

For us it is really important to educate whilst at the same time taking care of the enviroment. For this reason, all the materials provided by La Ratona are made with natural and sustainable components.

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Health and safety measures

At La Ratona we want you to be calm and confident with respect to the complicated situation we are experiencing and that is why aspects such as cleanliness and hygiene are key to the development of our work.

Our nannies are equipped with:

At La Ratona we have taken care of every detail and over all we want to transmit safety and professionalism.

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